System Crafters

Welcome to the System Crafters Wiki!

This site is a collaborative effort by the System Crafters community to provide useful resources for system crafting with GNU Emacs, GNU Guix, and all other related tools. There are also resources for how you can connect with other members of the community over Discord, Matrix, and IRC!


GNU Emacs

Information regarding Emacs configuration and various packages.

GNU Guix

Overview of the GNU Guix operating system and information regarding installation and packages.

All Articles

A master list of all articles if you prefer searching/exploring in there yourself.

Our community

Getting involved

Ways that you can contribute to the System Crafters wiki.

Chatting with the community

How to get in touch with other members of the System Crafters community on various platforms.

Code of Conduct

Guidelines for the System Crafters wiki.

Why not use [some other wiki]?

We decided to make this a site instead of use GitHub wiki, Sourcehut man, or other sites so that we can more easily control the presentation and also provide this content in other offline forms. We're open to suggestions too!