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A liberating, dependable, and hackable functional OS and package manager.

Welcome to the System Crafters' Community GNU Guix Wiki!

GNU Guix is a functional, reproducible GNU/Linux package manager and OS. A free (as in freedom), Guile Scheme based alternative to Nix, Guix provides the power of a functional OS and more. While powerful, many of Guix's configurations and options seem arcane and inaccessible. This wiki is here to show that the complete opposite is true!

If you enjoy video content, you might want to watch the System Crafters playlist Craft Your System with GNU Guix.

Why if so many other places (and the manual) exist?

Truthfully, there aren’t that many other places. The System Crafters' wiki is attempting to enable more people to use GNU Guix with free and non-free software. The community should understand and be open to the fact that not all can realistically use only free software; this is not to say that the FSF is wrong or bad, but that we should ease people into using free as in freedom software and utilities. The System Crafters community believes there is a lot we can do to improve the experience for all.

Where to start?

If you've never used or heard of GNU Guix

you should start at FAQs.

If you've used Nix before, or are feeling courageous

start right away at Official Installation Guide if you want a fully free experience, or if you are not sure what that means or want nonfree (recommended choice), start at the Nonguix Installation Guide.

Note that the official installation guide is from the GNU Guix manual, and links to that site. It is still recommended to read general recommendations afterwards, although you might not want to follow the nonfree advice on there.

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