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Help Cheatsheet

Hints to find what you are looking for

Emacs is self documented, the code's documentation is searchable, accessible within emacs.

  • functions, commands, variables are usually prefixed by the mode name. For example, org-roam is the prefix for org-roam-db-build-cache command.
  • All these shortcuts present you with a minibuffer, or a selection prompt (ex: ivy, helm). The user experience really depends on your configuration.


Here are the most helpful shortcuts to reach the Emacs help system:

C-h iinfoUser guide for emacs and important modes
Also displays Linux tools info pages
C-h rinfo-emacs-manualEmacs User Manual
C-h fdescribe-functionshow detailed information about functions and commands
C-h vdescribe-variablevariables detailed information
C-h bdescribe-bindingsdescribes the enabled key bindings with the functions/commands they call
C-h mdescribe-modedescribes the current major mode enabled with all enabled minor modes
Also lists key bindings
C-h aapropos-commandSearch documentation related to a command
C-h dapropos-documentaionSearch documentation for a specific keyword